A simple and powerful Flutter i18n plugin.
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Flutter I18n Plugin

A simple and powerful Flutter i18n plugin.

Let’s say Bye Bye to the Property Key.

让我们和Property Key说再见!

讓我們和Property Key說再見!


  • Simple, cleaning and powerful API calls.
  • No property keys are needed, just only use the literal text as usual, it will be translated to the locale language, e.g. i18n.lang('This is a text').
  • Be compatible with the way to use property key actually.
  • Use YAML as the i18n message resource file instead of JSON or properties file.
  • Use namespace and module to distinguish the i18n messages which are in the different modules.
  • The same content of a i18n message can be converted to a different translation with a annotation.
  • Use reflected_mustache as the i18n message template engine, so the i18n message can be controlled freely.
  • Support to load the remote i18n message resources.
  • Support to be used in the Flutter libraries.
  • Dynamic change language when needed, e.g. i18n.lang('This an english text, but it will be translated to Chinese', locale: 'zh_Hans').
  • Support to custom the way to load or parse the i18n message resources.
  • Enable debug mode which means disabling caches and showing errors.


Messages + Code Demo


  • Getting Started: Quick import the Flutter I18n Plugin to your app.
  • Usage Cases: Check the cases to show how to use the Flutter I18n Plugin.
  • API Document: Guide to use the API of the Flutter I18n Plugin.


Apache License 2.0